After Dark

For me After Dark is about the power of photography. Photography has the ability to beautify and make the most mundane situations intricate by selectively drawing our attention. The series was primarily inspired by Brassaï’s Paris After Dark photographs in which he explored the Urban Paris landscape at night in pursuit of breathtaking compositions. Brassaï’s series utilized the artificial lighting of his time to create ghostly images that spoke to the evolving urban landscape. The goal of my series is to create ethereal images using artificial lighting to document the changing Florida urban landscape.  I feel that the use of long exposure can open a metaphorical doorway to an eerie world dictated by neon signs and florescent lights. The unnatural colors cast by preexisting light sources add a heightened sense of atmosphere to the images. When photographing these works I look for spaces with unique color combinations, lines from which I can draw the viewers’ eyes to the details of the subject.